Legal Malpractice

““Victory is a term to describe who is left standing in the ruins.

— President Lyndon Johnson

Texas has over 100,000 licensed attorneys. Most are competent, honest, and ethical. Unfortunately, some are not. And lawyers are human, which means that they can make mistakes. Sometimes those mistakes injure clients or other persons. When a lawyer violates a duty owed to a client or another person and thereby injures that person, the attorney should be held responsible, just like any other professional. At Herring & Panzer, we have handled the full array of lawyer lawsuits on both sides of the docket.

In Willis v. Maverick, the Texas Supreme Court stated that “[a] cause of action for legal malpractice is in the nature of a tort.” But civil liability claims against lawyers can include far more than traditional “professional negligence” claims. Other claims against lawyers include:

Herring & Panzer has dealt with lawyer liability cases involving all of those types of claims. Our decades of experience handling legal malpractice claims, on both sides of the docket, provide us with valuable skills and background that allow us to resolve cases in a practical, cost-efficient, and productive manner.